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“...van Luijt, on a custom crafted, light-hued electric bass, referenced the choppy, percussive dynamics of post-Headhunters funk and a flowing fretless drive, its clear, acoustic tone complemented by subtle electronic interventions and echoes. He found his voice in extended solos comprising fluid, melodic statements from which he returned with ease to the bassist's more familiar supporting role...“


Muzieklab New Arrivals 2014

New quartet recording

Duo album with music of Jacob TV and Philip Glass

Muzieklab New Arrivals 2014 Bob van Luijt Kwartet Bob van Luijt Recording Philip Glass
Music Production House Muzieklab Brabant helps develop (top) talent and music concepts in any style of contemporary music. I'm delighted to announce that I'm selected for Muzieklab's New Arrivals 2014 program!
Keep checking this website or one of my social channels for updates.
Recently I went into the studio with Yonga Sun, Jasper van 't Hof and Mete Erker. In the course of next year this album will be released. Keep checking out this website or one of my social channels for updates!
Together with Raoul van Herpen I'm recording an album with music of Jacob TV and Philip Glass. We use rather unconventional instruments for this recording (bassguitar, wurlitzer and synthesizer). We're recording Jacob TV's: May This Bliss Never End (with the voice of Chet Baker) and Philip Glass' Tissues.

The album will be released somewhere around the middle of November 2013 on the Kubrickology label. You can signup for my newsletter (right top corner) to receive a notice when the album is released.

Florian Weber, Bob van Luijt and Billy Martin - full concert video

First the plan was a simple video of a song, but then -as plans tend to do- it ended up in a 45 minute video. This video contains a 30 minute improvisation and a 15 minute song by me called Steps.

When I was 12 years old (April 1998) I was living in a small village in The Netherlands with only one record store (this was just pre-Internet). The owner of the store pointed me to a recently released record called A Go Go that featured the drummer and percussionist Billy Martin. Since then I had to wish to work with Billy...

Zoofff 15 years later...

In 2011 I met Florian Weber through a mutual friend. We played together on some occasions and Flo also played on the Square Orange album "The Core". We were also thinking of doing something in a trio form, but were not sure who to ask on drums. And then... I thought of the CD from 15 years ago and my wish to work with Billy. Flo was very enthusiastic about the idea and that is how it all started.

The video gives a great impression of the quick connection and fun we had in playing together. You can watch the full video online for free!
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(ltr.) Billy Martin, Bob van Luijt and Florian Weber.

Watch the concert online (new window)

Concert pics. credits: Bart Tarenskeen

Square Orange - The Core

It’s finally here after a year of hard work, the new Square Orange album: “The Core”. It’s taken us over a year and several sessions in different studios to create this recording.
Besides the new album I’m really proud of the new line up. My good friend and ‘Square Orange partner in crime’ of many years is Raoul van Herpen. In this album he plays the synthesizer, Wurlitzer and Clavinet. Raoul’s free improvisational approach really brings something special to the recording. Sjoerd Visser is also a long-time collaborator whose lyrical musical ideas and willingness to push the boundaries have given the music a unique and distinctive sound. The two new band members are drummer Yonga Sun and pianist Florian “Flo” Weber. I met these musicians at different times in my life, but they had one thing in common: I knew immediately I wanted to work with them! Flo is a true virtuoso, his knowledge and musical strength flow freely in this recording. You can say the same for Yonga, whose playing is exciting, engaging and at times has a wonderful drive. Finally it’s important to recognise my successful collaboration with producer Reinder van Zalk. We have known each other for several years now and are on the same wavelength. I asked Reinder to produce the album and bring his artistic input to the project, the result of which you can hear in many exciting and special moments in the recording. I hope to work with these friends for many years to come.

The album consists of three parts. The first part is “The Core”, an example of a composition in which I put form over melody, and sometimes harmony. There’s a natural climax in this piece. The second part ”I will Think Of You”, is a composition for solo bass guitar. This piece is dedicated to a friend, inspired by a profound experience she had, my reaction being easier to express in music than in words. Last on the album is “Red Moon Suite”, consisting of three sections. This suite lasts over half an hour and is based on my love of sci-fi. To me a trip to another part of our Milky Way is a little like a Kubrick film. In the first section I am imagining my journey towards a destination. In the second piece the arrival and exploration. The last section is based on a nostalgic idea of ‘home’, wherever that may be. This music then, is a journey, a trip. I hope you will want to take some time to listen and experience this trip with me.

Finally I would like to thank a lot of people, my good friends and band members who were with me from the beginning. Everyone at Earforce, Benno Glüsenkamp of Fattoria Musica for his work and wonderful hospitality. Above all, I wish to thank all the listeners and followers that started following my music and want to join me in my search...

To all listeners and followers:
I am always interested in your ideas and opinions, please send them to me: the short ones via Twitter, otherwise use Facebook or email me for any other questions.

Square Orange features (ltr.) Bob van Luijt, Florian Weber, Yonga Sun, Raoul van Herpen and Sjoerd Visser.

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Pictures of the recording days (click to enlarge).

Bob van Luijt, Cuong Vu and Yonga Sun

“Midway through the set, bubbling, volcanic roar prefaced the release of a densely pressurised cloud of crushed abstraction, which bounced back and forth off the walls, eventually subsiding to a snail’s pace finale, imposing muddily indistinct structure on an inescapably powerful statement.”

In February 2012 I was involved in an amazing project with drummer Yonga Sun and trumpet player Cuong Vu. On November 2nd 2003 (when I was 17) I saw Cuong Vu being interviewed by Hans Flupsen for the television programme “Vrije Geluiden” (Free Sounds). I was immediately struck by Cuong’s extremely beautiful sound. Years later, after finishing college, I decided to get in touch with Cuong. After exchanging music and projects, we found a date for Cuong to come to Europe for a series of performances and a TV recording for that very same programme he had been on before (Vrije Geluiden). It was a very special time and incredibly inspiring for me to be able to play my music with Cuong and Yonga. Below you’ll see two parts of the TV recording we did. You can also hear parts of the performance in Amsterdam.

ltr. Cuong Vu, Bob van Luijt and Yonga Sun

“Mark It Zero“ by Bob van Luijt

Check out these amazing sketches by Geoff Winston. Geoff was so kind as to send me these beautiful drawings!

“Petit Bourdon“ by Bob van Luijt

Listen to some snippets from a live concert

Bryan Baker, Bob van Luijt and Sebastiaan Cornelissen

“Power trio“

On the 13th of July 2007 I went to a Steps Ahead performance at the North Sea Jazz Festival. This band had a guitar player I had never heard of before, his name was Bryan Baker. I remembered his name and in 2009, when I studied at Berklee in Boston, I heard his name again. Every guitarist knew who he was, he was known as a unique virtuoso. A few years later -back in The Netherlands- I wanted to embark upon a jazz-rock/fusion project with one of the best drummers in this field in Western Europe (Sebastiaan Cornelissen) and I immediately thought of Bryan. I got in touch with him and a few months later he came to Europe to tour and play some concerts with us.

You can buy the album: Live In Amsterdam on iTunes or Amazon.

Interview with English subs

Excerpts from one of the concerts

Interview (Dutch and English)

Square Orange – Movement

“Movement is a 45 minute during composition by Bob van Luijt for his group Square Orange“

It just arrived: a plan, an idea. I wanted to write a composition lasting a minimum of 45 minutes. I wanted to write music that worked like a play or a film. From my point of view the experience of a performance starts the very moment the audience comes into the concert hall. The music develops into a huge climax at the high point of the performance. When I lived and studied in Boston (in January 2009), I was able to take the time to study my main influences, gain inspiration and of course, write. Once back in The Netherlands a series of rehearsals with my band Square Orange started, and in 2010 we performed for the first time in the Odeon theatre in Zwolle. I initially wanted to document the performance in the recording studio, until an acquaintance mentioned that maybe the ‘experience’ of the performance would come across better on video instead of just audio. This gave me the idea to look for a director to help me with recording this project. This changed the goal of the project from a CD production to a DVD production.

Square Orange Movement logo

Movement compilation

Square Orange featuring Eric Vloeimans

Square Orange @ Dutch TV show Vrije Geluiden


A selection of interviews I did, most interviews in Dutch have English subtitles.

Interview with English subs

Interview about my influences in music (Dutch)

Interview (Dutch and English)

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- soundcheck with Square Orange

It’s important to me to ask myself how the art forms I have chosen to use, could be inspirational to the listener/viewer. I don’t believe in ‘art for art’s sake’ , but I don’t believe either, that every artistic expression necessarily has to be derivative. Artists ‘knead’ the brain, make it work, think, feel, enjoy or loathe. Hopefully my music will be able to stir up some of these emotions in you. Furthermore, I believe that all forms that underlie creative development don’t just ‘exist’. All creative developments that originate from inspiration are demonstrable and we can follow them again and again to create more output. The three most important components, working as fuel for this creative motor, are passion, analysis and performance. Together they form what I call the ‘Artistic Workflow’. See my Medium blog for more insights into my vision on Artistic Workflow.
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- with Eric Vloeimans
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